Rishi Sunak: the Man Behind the UK Government

Rishi Sunak: the Man Behind the UK Government


Rishi Sunak has had a meteoric rise in British politics. This article will provide an overview of his life and career, and assess his chances of becoming the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Born in London to Indian parents, Sunak completed his schooling in the United Kingdom and then studied at Cambridge University. He is a former investment banker and co-founded the restaurant chain Ottakars Books, which was bought by Waterstones in 2003. Sunak also served as a Government Special Adviser on Corporate Responsibility and Investment between 2015 and 2017. He is married with two children and identifies as a Hindu.

After working as a bureaucrat for a few years, he entered politics and won election to the British Parliament in 2015. He has since served as a minister in two Conservative-led governments.

Sunak is considered a rising star within the Conservative Party, and is often mentioned as a potential successor to Theresa May as Prime Minister. He is well-liked within the party due to his youth, charisma, and policy expertise.

Needless to say, Sunak has a wealth of experience in various fields, and is well equipped to take on the position of Prime Minister. He is a man who is clearly driven by ambition, but also has the skills and experience necessary to actually accomplish his goals.

Who is Rishi Sunak?

Nicknamed ‘the Rajesh’. Sunak is of Indian heritage and was born in Wolverhampton, West Midlands. Educated at Winchester College, Sunak read mathematics at Oxford University.

He worked in finance and private equity before entering politics, serving as a Special Adviser to George Osborne when he was Chancellor of the Exchequer. Sunak was appointed as the first Chief Secretary to the Treasury, a role that could make him a potential successor to Prime Minister Theresa May.

Sunak’s meteoric rise within the Conservative Party began when he was chosen by Theresa May to be Joint Economic Secretary to the Treasury in 2015. Since becoming a high-ranking Tory, Sunak has been appointed shadow Business Secretary, shadow Financial Secretary to the Treasury, and the Minister for Young People and Voter Engagement. He also served as the first opposition Spokesperson on the Emerging Markets and Global Development.

Sunak is well-liked within the Tory party. He has a reputation for being able to speak his mind, and criticizing the Conservative Party when necessary. This has earned him a 100% approval rating in 2018, which is common among the Conservative Party. His authenticity and determination has also given him considerable influence within the party.

Rishi Sunak was appointed to the role of Mayor of London. Sir Steve Bullock has quoted Sunak as saying “My time as Minster for the Office for Government Equalities in the Department for Education and Secretary of State for State Pay across the Civil Service has convinced me that we should substantially expand the reach of the roll of Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) to include more representative representation from ethnic minorities and women.”

Rishi Sunak’s Government Career:

Rishi Sunak has been a leader of the British government for less than a year, but he has already made his mark.

He is part of the government’s latest attempt to cut the deficit and put the economy back in the black.

Sunak is also in charge of Jobcentre Plus. He started in the role as Sunak was in charge of the department that is responsible for balancing the government’s finances, something he calls a “mission impossible”.

In Sunak’s short career time, he has given his party a well-deserved boost and attention in the UK media. He is said to be willing to try to change some policies and programs to improve working conditions for the United Kingdom’s welfare system.

Rishi Sunak is Minister of State for Housing & Planning:

Rishi Sunak made a name for himself in 2015 when he was asked to chair rebel party MPs after a senior position became vacant. Housing starts his extraordinary political path.​

Rishi led a group of Conservative MPs to take control of the House of Commons.

In 2017, he was made the Minister for State for Prisons & Probation by Theresa May.

Then, Elizabeth Truss left her role to take charge of international trade for the new Brexit administration. Rishi Sunak saw his chance. He took on her job and held it until January 2018.

During this time, Theresa May declared his biggest success to be becoming the housing minister in her conservative government. He was placed in overseeing of areas that affect housing and construction, including planning.​

Home prices have climbed at double digit rate during this time, especially in some regions of the UK. It hasn’t been a walk in the park for Sunak going into politics.

What’s Next For Sunak?

Given Sunak’s background as a successful bureaucrat, there are a few potential areas of focus for Sunak next.

One of the most acute problems facing the British economy is youth unemployment.

In April 2017, only 1,220 of 4,116 new entrants to the workforce were aged under 20. This is the lowest level of young people entering the workforce since 1981.

As a result, many institutions – including the Conservative Party – feel pressure to do more to recruit young people to the workplace.

Sunak’s early years in which he became a Deputy Secretary-General of the Conservative Party and then Government Minister, suggested he is a skilled operator of political machinery.

He certainly has the skills of an organizer, and has demonstrated his ability to build and work with group of people.

Since being elected as the Conservative MP for Richmond Hill in May 2019, Rishi Sunak has had a meteoric rise.


As the top housing minister, Sunak is trying to make the housing market more affordable to the UK’s most vulnerable.

Sunak has been using his position to work to make sure that the country’s housing situation is in line with his party’s manifesto.

Sunak has been advocating for social housing to be a first priority for the government.

In a speech given to the Home Builders Federation, Sunak said that the government should “not have to wait for five, ten or twenty years to build enough homes to meet demand.

How many people do you know that are named Rajesh?

Sunak is the right name for a finance professional.

He has a positive attitude and is a skilled operator of political machinery.

Sunak is also a strong supporter of the UK’s economy. His job is to make sure that the UK can operate smoothly and efficiently.

Sunak’s Present Position:

Sunak is currently sitting as the Member of Parliament for the Reading East constituency. As such, he is a member of the House of Commons. However, if he becomes Prime Minister, he will have to relinquish this position and become a member of the House of Lords instead. This is because the Prime Minister also sits in the House of Commons — it is constitutionally impossible for the Prime Minister to sit in the House of Lords. Therefore, Sunak’s goal of becoming Prime Minister would force him to give up his current position in Parliament. This would open up the Reading East constituency and allow a by-election to take place there. Depending on the result of this by-election, Sunak’s path to the Prime Minister’s office could be seriously hampered.


Rishi Sunak is an ambitious man who has clearly been preparing for a shot at Prime Minister since 2017. He is a Brexiteer with a pragmatic approach to the issue and a genuine desire to improve the lives of his fellow countrymen. He also has a lot of experience in a wide range of fields, as well as a genuine enthusiasm for his country. However, if he wants to become Prime Minister, he will have to do more than just dream about it — he will have to fight for it. And he will have to do this while his fellow Conservatives may resent him for stealing their spotlight and while he is forced to relinquish his seat in Parliament. Only time will reveal whether he can rise to the challenge.

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