Reliance Jio Launches Laptop JioBook Under 15000 INR

Reliance Jio Launches Laptop JioBook Under 15000 INR

Reliance Jio presently serves more than 42 crore telecom customers across the country. Soon they will be launching a laptop in Indian market and it may cost around 15000 INR. The telecom giant looks to once again disrupt the Indian tech market, but this time in the category of Laptop. The year, 2016, witnessed such disruption in telecom market as Reliance Jio offered 4G service almost at no cost and at the most competitive rate till date. Their dream run continues as they launched a new set of Jio Phone, costs approximately 6500 INR, last year.

The laptop is supposed to run on the JioOS. The most important part is that some of the Microsoft apps will be preinstalled in the device. The motherboard of the device will  be powered by Qualcomm processor based technology by Arm Limited.

As it is reported that the laptop will be named JioBook and will come with an embedded 4G SIM card. JioBook is expected to be available for schools and government institutes from the current month. It will also be available in market for common customers very soon; the company has set a deadline for a consumer launch within the next three months and to be precise, it will be available for millions of common customers during Diwali festival .

The JioBook will be manufactured by the local contract producer Flex. The telecom giant raised around $22 billion from financer worldwide, mainly like  KKR and Co., and Silver Lake back in 2020. So it has been more than two years that the company has planned to leave its footprint in laptop industry.

The company expecting A source in the company while requesting anonymity told Reuters that JioBook will be as big as the JioPhone. Reliance Jio has more than 42 crore customers. The laptop will run on the JioOS operating system and some of the Microsoft apps will also be available. It will be powered by Qualcomm chips based technology from Arm Limited.

the JioBook will primarily compete and may pose threat eventually to existing laptop brands like Dell, Lenovo, Acer, HP. As Microsoft Windows predominates the Indian OS Market, the JioBook  may essentially face a threat for user interface, hence the company needs to work on consumers’ awareness.

Although there is steep competition in Indian market, JioBook will be at advantageous position due to its very competitive price range. Very few brands like Lenovo, Acer and Lava offer laptops at low rate in the country. Basically the cheap rate is going to be the USP of JioBook at least for the initial period.

Meanwhile, the telecom tycoon, Reliance Jio, has already announced its 5G service launch in select metro cities by Diwali this year. Akash Ambani, the elder son of Mukesh Ambani, the present head of the company, assured its customers the expansion of the 5G services across India by December next year.

Jio Mobile is about to launch one handset of 5G compatible Jiophone, codenamed as ‘Ganga’ to  be priced between the range of 8,000-12,000 INR.


  1. Body- ABS Plastic
  2. Screen Size- 11.6 inch
  3. Screen Display- HD LED backlit anti-glare
  4. Screen Resolution- 1366X768 pixels
  5. Operating System- JIO OS
  7. RAM Expandability- NO
  8. Secondary Memory- 32GB eMMC storage
  9. Processor- Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 octa-core
  10. Wireless Connectivity- Yes; Wi-Fi 802.11ac
  11. Bluetooth- Yes
  12. Bluetooth Version- 5.2
  13. Weight- 1.2 K.G
  14. Brand Warranty- 1 Year


As the laptop already contains Jio 4G SIM, it comes with the seamless mobile broadband service. As far as the battery is concerned, the device is empowered with a 55.1-60Ah battery backing the device up to eight hours.  Jio laptop features dual internal speakers and also a dual microphones. The laptop is paired with a standard size keyboard along with a touchpad which supports multi-gesture. However, the device does not offer any fingerprint scanner. JioBook will  include a USB 2.0 port, a USB 3.0 port and also an HDMI port. But, there will be no USB Type-C ports available in it. However, it will contain a microSD card slot for ease of access.


Presently the product is available on the Government e-Marketplace (GeM) portal. Although the product can be availed by government departments only, everyone is looking up to Diwali for the the product to be available for common people. The recently held 6th edition of India Mobile Congress (IMC), 2022, already displays the device for the attending delegates.

Though all the specifications of the device are already available, the real performance of the laptop will be tested once it’s available for common people. Till then, tech enthusiasts have to wait. As Jio has already a ready market of more than 42 crore telecom customers, they are definitely looking to throw a tight competition to other laptop manufacturers, with their most competitive price.


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