Reasons Why You Should Get the Apple iPhone 14

Reasons Why You Should Get the Apple iPhone 14


Apple has announced the new iPhone, the iPhone 14. This is an amazing phone with many new features that are not available on other phones. This article will explore few reasons why you should get the iPhone 14.


The phone has a 5.8 inch display with a resolution of 2436 x 1125 pixels at 458 ppi and it is Super Retina XDR display. The phone has a 6 core A13 Bionic chip with 8GB of RAM and 128GB or 256GB of storage. The rear camera is 12 megapixels with a 6 element lens, Quad-LED True Tone flash, and 4K video recording at up to 60 fps. The front camera is 7 megapixels and has a True Depth camera system for Face ID. The battery is 3190 mAh and has wireless charging.

The phone has 512GB or 1TB of storage, which is relatively little. The phone is 230g. The iPhone 14 is running iOS 16 which is newer than you might be used to currently. If you are an iOS developer you will be happy to know that Swift 4 will be available to Swift 5 which was released in March, 2019. There is also AR Face View API which allows you to control your phone with your face.

The Network bands are given for low antenna performance and has a great USB to Lightning connection allowing for the fastest and easiest charging. Apple says there will be no 3.5mm connector cable for this iPhone.

What’s Ranging in the iPhone 14?

The phone is going to be released in three colors: black, silver and space gray. The color covers the back and it is called matte. Ranging from 5.4″ to 6.inch. The rear camera is 12 megapixels with HDR. The front camera is 7 megapixels with a TrueDepth camera system for Face ID. The headphone jack is still present and it has lightning adapter as well.

The processor is Waterproof and Dust protected which means it is splash proof and completely dust proof that the internal part won’t dip into liquid if you spill water. It has also a 6.6W wireless charger.

What OTAs (Updates To Apps) Can the iPhone 14 Get?

There is a lot of excitement and hopes about the release of the iPhone 14. So many people wish to get their hands on it. Launching a fully redesigned iPhone gives the consumer a reason to hold out for a bit to see if Apple would make any changes to its camera or to decrease bezel size.

Apple is changing things up by being completely honest about their smartphone camera quality vision. The size is purposefully larger for the camera.

Expect the camera to support better transitions between stills and video, as well as better camera quality based on Apple’s exposure research over the years all while retaining the low brightness and true to life picture quality. So apart from using black, white, and a new gold style that will truly lift the camera lens in glass.

Innovative designers were offered the chance to get some creative input on what viewers should expect to see with the new feature of the colors.

App Extensions Now Available in the iPhone 14

The iPhone 13 did not see an update that is specifically about App extensions.

While the iPhone 11 was updated with the famous iPhone X notch, the iPhone 14 sends a special message that you now have great features within App Extensions. Some apps that were giving huge time and resource consuming user functions have been combined to give endless options.

Extensions were needed in Android and the iPhone as a requirement for an easily accessible functions present.

Extension Apps are free to download from the App Store or you can use small amounts of App Extension points through digital subscription services like iTunes Match, iCloud, or Spotify. Currently, most countries have access to free extensions at the app store for some time now.

Now, the basic app can have necessary functionalities such as built in Name Tag functionality or adding a Face ID identification to the Home screen of an iPhone.

They can also add efficient time saving feature, such as apps for remote access or time spent solution.

Web browsers also agree with that idea and has been seeing similar app extensions for some time now. For example, the new waveUp tool bar offers timed saving, remote control and lots more convenience to the users of Chrome.

Different Ways You Can Use the iPhone 14 to Run Your Business


According to the official page of the business Apple has issued, the iPhone 14 is the best phone ever, with several features for business and home use. These features include several unique business functions, such as the Apple Pay, Smart Tune, DMX8k, and Quad-SIM.


Based on its reviews, the customisations can be very useful for business people who work a large number of hours without a lot of time to do so.

Another good point about the iPhone 14 is its better battery life cycles. It can give less power outages. In short, it improves battery life and reduces your expenses.

If you are looking for a really good phone for businesses that want more extended battery life, iPhone 14 is a good shot, because it is customizable as well as powerful.

Launch Date:

Apple iPhone 14 is supposed to get launched between 5-7th September, 2022.


Different variations (Apple iphone 14, Apple iphone 14 Plus, Apple iphone 14 Pro, Apple iphone 14 Pro Max)  may range between 749 USD to 1199 USD.

Important Takeaways from the Write Up:

  1. The iPhone has a great design.
  2. The iPhone has a large selection of apps.
  3. The iPhone has a powerful A12 Bionic chip.
  4. The iPhone has a good camera.
  5. The iPhone has a fast and accurate Face ID system.
  6. The iPhone has a large and high-quality display.
  7. The iPhone supports wireless charging.
  8. The iPhone runs iOS, which is one of the most advanced mobile operating systems available.
  9. The iPhone has a long battery life.

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